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Bid and Made is a comprehensive bridge study and reference site.

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About Us

Bid and Made is a comprehensive bridge study and reference site. There are also vast numbers of interesting hands to try the next time you want to ensure your bridge party goes well. Bid and Made concentrates on how to win ! Bridge is fun, win or lose, however, as Michael Caine might have said, "In my life, I've won some and lost some. Winning is better". Winning strategy in contract bridge ? It starts with you and partner thinking hard during the bidding about what's needed for game (8 card match and 25 "High Card Points"), and moves on to what you need for a No Trump Slam (er, brute strength ! When there are no suits to trump, you and partner need 33 HCP for a Sm all Slam, 37 for a Grand Slam).Bridge HandBank then covers all the main techniques, with sample hands, and personalised crib sheets. You can print a cheatsheet tailored to help you to learn where your knowledge is a bit shakey, rather than taking too many notes with you, full of stuff you already know. Interesting sample hands are presented alongside the notes on how to bid, to illustrate the issues, to test you, and for practice. When you're looking for more interesting hands for your bridge party, or for your teaching session, the Hand Bank contains thousands of hands that are all there because they are either interesting, unusual or fun. Why not set up some prepared hands and play with these ? Most of these hands also have a quiz for you to test your knowledge. Finally, check out an example cribsheet. Bid Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades, or No Trumps ?

Gordon's fantastic ACOL bridge notes.