Bridge Books

#ByTitleDateFor whom?SubjectsISBN 13Observations
1Julian PottageCollins little book of Bridge Secrets2012ImproversAll978 0007480203Short but good
2William RootHow to play a Bridge hand1990Intermediate & ClubPlay0 517 574578Thorough, good, & long
3Andrew RobsonBridge Secrets: The expert's guide to improving your game2007Intermediate & ClubAll978 0007852970A tall book ?
4Mike LawrenceHow to play card combinationsIntermediate & ClubDeclarer play978 0910791632Short, & covered in book 2
5Eddie KantarDefensive Bridge Play Complete (Wilshire Books)1974IntermediateDefence play978 0879802875Well-respected classic
6Hugh KelseyAdventures in card play1979AdvancedPlay0 575 064366Complex, but brillliant
7Clyde LoveBridge Squeezes1959AdvancedDeclarer play978 1897106587The founder of Squeeze analysis
8Andrew RobsonBridge Lessons - 10. Endplay & Squeeze2007Intermediate & ClubDeclarer play978 0955294280Short, & covered in book 2
9Mike LawrenceThe Complete Book on Overcalls in Contract BridgeIntermediateBid978 1897106457Grand title !
10Victor MolloBridge in the fourth dimension1974EntertainingAll978 0713480047A classic
11Victor MolloBridge in the menagerie1965EntertainingAll978 0571064299Classic
12Julian PottageEasy Guide to Defensive Signals at BridgeDefence playpubl BT Batford

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