Bridge Venue

In Granada, beside the Alhambra

Bridge Books

By Title Subjects For Date ISBN 13
Ron Klinger Basic Bridge All Beginners 2001 978-0304357963
Brent Manley The Everything Bridge Book All Beg - Inter SAYC 2003 1-580626645
Patrick Jourdain The easy guide to Acol Bridge All Beginners ACOL 978-0713489712
Ron Klinger Guide to Better Acol Bridge All Intermediate 2007 978-0575 063600
Andrew Robson The Times Bridge: Common mistakes and how to avoid them All Intermediate 978-0007204106
Andrew Robson The Times: Bridge Secrets: The Expert's Guide to Improving Your Game  All Intermediate 978-0007249398
Ron Klinger The Modern Losing Trick Count Bid Intermediate 2001 978-0304357703
Mike Lawrence The Complete Book on Overcalls in Contract Bridge Bid Intermediate 978-1897106457
Eddie Kantar Eddie Kantar Teaches Modern Bridge Defense  Defence Intermediate 978-1894154024
Eddie Kantar Defensive Bridge Play Complete (Wilshire Books) Defence Intermediate 1974 978-0879802875
William S. Root  How to Defend a Bridge Hand Defence Intermediate 1994 978-0517883938
Ron Klinger  Guide to Better Card Play Play Intermediate 2001 978-0304357697
William S. Root How to Play a Bridge Hand Play Intermediate 1990 978-0517881590
Victor Mollo Bridge in the menagerie All Improvers  Entertaining 978-0571064299
Victor Mollo Bridge in the 4th dimension All Improvers  Entertaining 978-0713480047
Ron Klinger Guide To Better Duplicate Bridge Bid Improvers  2002 978-0304363209

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