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About "Bid and Made"


"Bid and Made" more than anything, is a place to learn how to become a good bidder. Or simply improve your bidding. Or for a beginner - just learn how to bid with solid foundations.

Bidding is covered in depth; clearly and extensively, using memorable language, and with examples of all situations. The emphasis is on understanding why bids are made and how they work, not on just memorising facts.

It's arranged into 108 short chapters, covering the 108 subjects you need to know in order to be an outstanding bidder. Navigation is clear, and structured. There are also frequent cross references to other chapters with quick "links" to make it very easy to get to the bottom of important related subjects.

There's a knowledge quiz for each of the 108 bidding subjects, with up to 12 questions. If you get them all right, you really do know the subject.

The chapters include "examples deals" to illustrate the bidding topic in discussion. The example deals give both an explanation of the bidding and a further quiz for that deal.

Quick summaries - Quick revision

Every section on bid-and-made, not just the 108 bidding chapters, includes a crisp overview of the key facts. Useful for revision if you haven't played for a while.

And useful for a quick grasp of the subject - if you don't have time to read about the subject in more depth to find out how and why is works.


A whole section of the site is given over to methods of play. There are many subjects you should to be familiar with to be an excellent player - they are all there, treated logically, memorably and concisely. Here too you can navigate quickly, because related subjects are extensively cross referenced with links to make it easier to learn.

"Bid and Made" does not have a place where you can play against other people on-line. However, there are many sites where you can do that.

Deal bank

There is a large repository of interesting deals, including several famous and amazing ones, such as the Munchhausen deal and many more like it. Each hand illustrates one or more bidding subjects, and/or a playing subject. These can be used for a variety of purposes: for example

Each deal contains links to all the bidding subject it draws on, and a quiz to test your knowledge. Opponents' and partner's hands are hidden, but you can have a quick peep if you want. The HCP and Losing Trick Count for each of the 4 hands have been calculated for you - peep at those too if you want. A typical "correct" bidding sequence is given for each deal, with links to the relevant bidding chapters of the website if you want to read up in more depth.


Bid and Made is full of quizzes to test your knowledge.

Re-visit the site to


There are already over 600 bidding subject quiz questions already available on-line, with new ones added all the time. And there are more quizzes elsewhere.

There are some new things we'll be adding soon

Please let us know if there's anything you'd like included, and we'll see if we can give it a go.

In summary - all the main bridge bid and techniques, beginner to advanced, with prepared hands, personalised crib sheets and quizzes for the world's best card game, Bridge.

Best wishes