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The coloured entries (red or blue on the download version, or bold on this web page) are the ones that usually need to be agreed before you play.

It's too late to ask after the bidding has started !

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Acol Convention card - bidding preferences

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My bidding preferences
It's a good idea to check most particularly the left side bold items before starting to play with a new partner.
me you bid meaning
  1NT openings
yes       12-14 = 1NT 15-16: bid a suit. Rebid 1NT, or 2NT only after a 2-ov-1 response
yes   15+ suit choice: lowest, prefer ♥ 17-18: bid a suit. Rebid 2NT, or 3NT only after a 2-ov-1 response
  1NT responses
both   2C (a) Stayman and (b) weak takeout into a 6-card minor  
yes   2D, 2H Transfer to ♥♠.  Rebid: pass=<11, NT=5-card, suit=6-card
1). bal 11p 2S 1)Bal 11HCP or 2)Xfer to ♣♦/bal.11HCP (openr:2NT,3♣ if strong)
1). bal 12p 2NT 1)Bal 12HCP or 2)Balanced 11-12 HCP
  1 suit opening
4   Major promises 4 or 5 cards? Rebid: reverse (break barrier if >15HCP)
  2 openings
yes   weak twos ♥♠: 6-10, 6-card, min 4+HCP in suit, or QJT. 
yes   . . .reply:2NT=game interest (16p) Hand HCP:3♣♦=weak,♥♠=strong. Trump HCP:♦♠=best.3NT=AKQ
yes   2C Unbalanced, 8-playing tricks + rule-of-25 or 16HCP. (Relay 2♦)
yes   2D (Game force unless 2NT rebid) 23+ & 9 tricks (10 for a minor). Reply 2♥: =deny if <8HCP
yes   2NT Balanced 20-22 HCP
yes   Standard, direct Good 5-card suit: cards+honours=bid limit. 8/10-15 HCP
1). inter   Jump = Intermediate or weak ? 1). Inter="6-6". 6-card suit, 6 losers (~11-15HCP), or
    2 Weak=similar to weak 2: 6-10 HCP, 6-card (or 7 at the 3 level)
yes   Double jump Pre-emptive, 6-10, 7-card (or 8 at the 4 level)
yes   Cue bid over suit Michaels, two 5-card suits (2 or 1 Majors). 8+HCP
yes   2NT over suit Unusual 2NT, two 5-card suits (2 or 1 minors). 8+HCP
yes   1NT, direct Strong NT 15-18, with standard responses (but 8HCP, not 11)
yes   1NT, protective (4th seat) Weak NT 12-14, with standard responses (borrow a king)
yes   Cue bid after partner overcall Unassuming cue bid, opening hand (10+), 3-card support
yes   Landy (2C over 1NT, ask for ♥♠) 7/6 loser. REPLY unless 7♣. ♦=clarify/10-12, 2NT=13+no♥♠ 
4NT   RKCB 0314 (ask= 4NT or Tr+1 ?) 0314: ♣0/3,♦1/4,♥2/5-Q,♠2/5+Q (not 1430)
which/how many ..RKC, 5NT asking for Kings: asks which King. Return to trumps=-ve, after Tr+1 asking for Q
yes   Cuebids for 1st and 2nd round controls. NT = trump stopper
yes   Splinters 11-13 double Jump-Shift after ♥♠ open=game+shortage.(Or strange JS)
yes   Jacoby 2NT 2NT after ♥♠ =game +no shortage, but asking for yours
yes   Namyats 4♣♦ (Strong Maj preempt) 8-card 5- losers, open 2 steps lower. Reply in Major if no interest.
no   Grand Slam Force 5NT: reply 6 of suit with 1/3 of top honours, reply 7 with 2/3
yes   suit bid up to 2S Take out, forcing unless intervention. (For penalties at 3-level +)
yes   Protective (or balancing) double 4th seat after 2 passes. 8+HCP (borrow a K). Pass for penalties.
yes   Weak 2 Take out, forcing. To double for penalty, wait one round
yes   Weak 3 Take out, forcing.  To double for penalty, wait one round
yes   1NT 16-18. For penalties, and all subsequent doubles
yes   RHO's overcall, "Negative double" 4-cards in unbid Major(s), or 2 minors. Equiv. responding HCP
  Game seeking
yes   4th suit forcing (for one round+) To game if any 3-level bid. "Deny 4th suit", opener describe hand
yes   Game try / long suit trial asking for (long?) side suit help (0/1 losers) to get to Major game
    Suit bidding order
yes   Balanced two 4-card suits: lowest first, but prefer ♥ to any other if opening
yes   Unbalanced hands two 4-card suits: lowest first. 5-card suits: highest first.  
1).   4441: where to bid vs singleton Never ♠.  Either 1). one below it, bid ♥ if "Single"=♣, or 2). RB-BM
  Showing suit length with bid order  (L=Long,  S=Short)
yes   6-5  =  L-S-S 5-5  bid higher denomination first
yes   6-4  =  L-S-L 5-4  =  L-S
yes   6-3  =  L-L 5-3  =  L-L (declarer), L-Support/NT (responder)
    Responders strong bids
yes   2 level after 1 open (non-jump) Rule of 14: HCP+long suit length=14. Long:Major=5+, minor=4+
yes   Jump-shift 6-card, 16+, not denying support. (Opener's Jump-Shift=19HCP)
yes   Responder's barrier 12+ points. Don't use if 3 suits already bid
  Bids after opponents double
    redouble:   9+HCP new suit / jump new suit:  forcing
    jump raise:  preemptive 2NT:   good raise
    Discards and signals
yes   after defender's lead Attitude(Low=disc.)/suit pref. when obvious/COUNT after K (Slam)
yes   after declarer's lead Count (HL = even, LH = odd)
    Doubling a convention Lead directing (equivalent to strength).
no   1C responses (SAYC: Balanced, not 15-7, 3-3 in minors)
no   1D responses (SAYC: Balanced, not 15-7, 4-4 in minors, or shape=4432)

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