Thinking ahead to responder's barrier

A trump void in dummy is even more annoying than it obviously is.

In which order should you bid your suits?

Example Deal

How others might've



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p 1H p ???

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«  #8841211028  »
spade J 7 6 5 3
diamond A J 10 5 2
club K 3 2

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Bridge Deal
from the deal bank
You: South

Dealer: West
Vulnerability: none

Deal Source:
Good for: Improving

To examine how other people might have bid: look inside box #1 in the right-hand column (>>>).

The card play

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Then make a plan! Think for a bit about how you'd play this contract.

To see how others might have planned the play, look inside box #4 (>>>), where there might also be some quiz questions about the play...

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