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Trump use. General trump tips

A reminder of the general accumulated wisdom first, in potted form:

The obvious ones

  1. Get rid of danger trumps if the contract is otherwise safe
  2. Pull trumps if important winners in other suits might otherwise be trumped
  3. Don't pull all the trumps when you need to create extra tricks from shortages
  4. Use trumps from the short hand to ruff
  5. Don't pull outstanding winning trumps
  6. Ruff high, when enemy are also void and still have trumps

The less obvious ones

  1. Don't lose trump control
  2. Hoard trumps in your hand
  3. Think split before you start - expect bad splits (4-2, 5-1 etc, or 4-1)
  4. Finesses can be dangerous if they fail and you lose trump control
  5. Play a loser on top of a loser - or even a winner on top of a loser
  6. Don't ruff if as a result you lose trump control - try throwing a loser
    • rather than promoting their trumps by ruffing, play a loser on a loser ("transfer the ruff")
  7. Don't pull out the remaining high trump winners, unless you want to run a second suit without interference
  8. Establish your side suit
  9. With side suits, think split
    • ruff a low one of yours in dummy to use up one of theirs
  10. Don't cover a lead with a winner when it's very likely to be ruffed
  11. Throw away your winners if they can be ruffed - in order to create a void
  12. Lead up to the high cards when the enemy have a 4-1 split including the Ace




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