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1209. When and what to signal bidandmade.com
When What to show Methods Frequency per contract
1 on enemy new suit lead shape Count 3
2 on partner's new suit lead like / don't HELD, LLHH 1 or 2
3 your own new suit lead picture of suit Many, see p1103 1 or 2
4 can't follow suit suit preference (only if possible) HELD, reverse HELD, Revolving, McKenney, Dodds 0.5
Some rare exceptions
2a on partner's new suit lead if dummy is e.g. AKQ shape Count 0.1
2b on partner's new suit lead if dummy singleton suit preference Revolving, McKenney, Dodds 0.1
3a your own lead in partner's empty suit suit preference McKenney 0.1
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