Quick summary

Bidding and making 5 is difficult

You'll need 28 points & some luck

Try to play in 3 No Trumps instead of a 5 of a minor ! The reward is the same.


Example Deal

«  0002  »

Game in a "minor" is harder to reach

"9 and 28"

For a game in a Major, recall that you need:

  1. unbalanced(1) hands;
  2. a fit in a Major suit (heart, spade);
  3. sufficient trumps between you for game in the suit: namely 8;
  4. sufficient points between you for game: 25 is the minimum, including distribution points

For a minor clubdiamond, you should reckon on needing 28 points between you to be able to make the 11 tricks needed for game.

You can only afford to lose 2 tricks, so it's going to be easier if you have a 9-card trump fit. But in any case, try to find something less demanding to bid, such as 3NT, which only requires 9 tricks and where you can lose 4 but still make game.

This advice does not really apply if you are going to try find a Slam. If you can bid a Slam (12 or more out of the 13 tricks) then minors are in most cases just as good as Majors at scoring large numbers of bonus points. It's a lot better to bid and make Slam in a minor than game in NT.

Note, when counting points with a suit contract, shape is important. Credit needs to be given for length and for voids and singletons(2), unless the short suits are in trumps of course !

(1) No suit or pair of suits dominates your hand, and no suit is close to absent.

(2) Distribution Points:  Points for shortages are not counted until trumps have been agreed, and obviously not at all for NT. 5 for a void, 3 for a singleton, 1 for a doubleton (provided you have enough trumps to take advantage of the shortage). Points for extra length can be counted before trump agreement.

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