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Index of doubles

139. Index of doubles
Link Name Purpose
0120 Double a 1NT Ha! Ha! You're in trouble
0121 Double for takeout Partner: any of these 3 suits will do; tell me which is best for you
0122 Doubling after opponent overcall I've got 4-cards in the unbid Majors
0123 Negative double I've got 4-cards in the unbid Majors
0124 Double a 1NT overcall Partner: we have strength to get them down, or for something else
0125 Double a suit over 1NT I've got 4 of their suit - and they're in trouble
0126 Protective double 4th seat & 2 passes: as double for takeout, but 3 HCP weaker
0127 Responsive double OBAR: I've got 4-cards in the unbid suits
0128 Double & rebid a suit Very strong version of Double for takeout. 6 cards, 16HCP. (18HCP if only 5-card)
0129 Doubles. For Penalty Ha! Ha! You're in trouble
0130 Support double Responder, I've got exactly 3 cards in your suit (I'd bid 'em with 4)
0131 Lead directing double Hey partner, lead this suit when you can!
0132 Maximal double Competing: how to distinguish "Invite to Game" from "Sign off"
0133 Redoubling - meanings Various, e.g. the enemy stole my double!
0134 Forcing Pass I was forced to bid - but I pass it back to you
0135 Re-opening double I'd ve doubled for takeout if they'd opened - shall we get them down?
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