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You should have thought about this earlier!

Now's the time to refine what you've told partner

. . . and whether you have a 2nd suit.

You are obliged to rebid if your partner bid a new suit.


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Example Deal

«  0050  »

Openers rebid. Unbalanced, The general idea

Early planning essential !

In your first bid you told your partner quite a lot, but not enough. You've now got to complete the picture:

  • more precision about your strength, because 12-19 is too vague
  • do you have more than one suit ?
  • do you like any suit your partner just bid ?

Forced to bid

If your partner bid a new suit, different from yours, you are forced to bid whether you feel like it or not. Your partner could have a very strong hand, and is relying on your rebid to give him the opportunity to tell you more about his hand.

If your partner supported your suit, or bid NT, you are NOT forced to bid again. In this case the choice is yours.


You must tell your partner which strength range your hand falls into, so that he can assess the next step:

  1. Weak. 12-15 HCP
  2. Strong. 16-18 HCP
  3. Very strong. 19-20 HCP

No doubt, as a good player, you thought about this second bid before you made the first one. Also, for the same reason, you have a full understanding of the meaning of partner's first replies to your opening. He he !



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