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Strong 2 openings:
8 tricks on your own?

When very strong, alert your partner immediately so she doesn't pass!

Opening 2 of a suit is a forcing bid. The denial is 2NT.

To open with a strong 2 you need to be able to make all the tricks on your own. You are promising



You can't open 2 with a 4441 distribution.

If you don't meet all the criteria, open 1 and jump later. Unless...

More advanced players use "Weak 2" openings

Super strong

With 23+ & 9/10 playing tricks, open 2club
(or 2diamond for advanced Benji players).


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Example Deal

«  0026  »

Opening bid, Unbalanced, Strong cards

The point of opening at the two level in a suit is to force your partner to reply. That way you won't accidentally miss a Game or a Slam.

See "How to reply".

26. Un-Balanced hand: Opener's bids (using Strong 2s)
HCPoints Opening bid 2nd bid

A good 6-card suit, or a 5-4 with a good 5-card AND 8 playing tricks AND 16-22HCP or rule of 25. (With any less bid 1 and jump later). "Good" means 2 honours.

2 of the long suit, not club. Forcing.
(Advanced players can use “Weak 2s”)
Bid naturally. 
23+ with 9 playing tricks 2club Forcing to game, unless followed by 2NT rebid Longest suit.
reply to Strong 2 openings, suit choice for re-bid, Weak 2s,
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Note that your bid also guarantees at least a good 5-card suit, so your partner can support with only 3 cards. This is helpful, since you have reduced bidding space for a conversation on the subject of which suit to play, having opened at the 2 level.

Another useful guide to opening with a Strong 2 is the rule of 25.

(But not after 2NT)

Your partner is NOT forced to respond when you have a balanced hand & you open 2NT

The problem 4441 distribution

Because an opening bid at the two level promises 5 cards, it won't be possible for opener to bid at the 2 level with the 4441 distribution and 20-22 points. You'll have to open at the one level, and hope the auction doesn't stop there.

More advanced players use "Weak 2s"

More advanced players use a non-forcing opening bid of 2 of the Major suits spadeheart to indicate a weak hand with a long suit, and use a forcing opening bid of 2 of the minor suits diamondclub to indicate a strong hand, but in a slightly different way to the method outlined above. See Weak 2s.

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