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4-cards in the unbid suits partner. . ..

If Opponents Bid And Raise (OBAR), and your partner overcalled, then you can double to show the unbid suits.

Very similar to a negative double.


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Doubles, Responsive double

OBAR: I've got 4-cards in the unbid suits

The responsive double is similar in meaning to a negative double, and is a form of take-out double to show the unbid Majors, or the unbid suits.

It's made when the three previous players have each bid, and covers the situation where the opponents bid and raise ("OBAR").

E.g. if LHO bids a suit, your partner doubles for takeout or overcalls, your RHO rebids his partner's suit - then a double from you is called a "responsive double".

When is it not a responsive double

Your double becomes a double for penalties after any of the following:

  1. when No Trumps was bid by your partner
  2. if your partner's bid was a preemptive jump overcall,
  3. if your enemy's opening bid was preemptive.

In case 3, many players treat the double as responsive, because they don't want to let the preemptive openers "own" the auction too easily. You should discuss with your partner!

How many cards are promised in the implied suits ?

Same as with Negative doubles. Minimum four. You can also use it after a double for takeout to show both Majors - but no preference for either - when your hand is weak.

How many points are promised ?

The same number as you'd need for a normal response if the RHO had not bid.

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