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Interfering bids. Defence after 1NT

Isn't it annoying when you have an opening hand but the opponents open with a weak 1NT?

To bid at all, you have to start at the 2-level, and yet the enemy has admitted to being weak. However, you should try your best to prevent them from stealing your contract.

But how? Your normal option after 1NT from the enemy is to overcall in one suit at the already high 2-level, but only provided you have 6-cards in that suit and a good hand. But what if you have an opening hand (in the sense of LTC = 7) with two good Majors? Is there anything you can do to tell your partner about them both?

Enter "Landy", an overcall bid of 2club.

Overcalling 1NT - the whole picture

Assuming you and your partner do use Landy for overcalling two Major suits at once, here first is an overview of what the various possible overcalls mean after an opening bid of a weak 1NT from the enemy:

Other Defences after 1NT

Landy, Astro and Dont are three useful defences after a weak 1NT opening by the enemy. When the enemy opens 1NT, you are often prevented from bidding, since either you have to bid at the two level AND promise a 6-card suit, or you have to double for penalties and promise 15-18 HCP.

If you're not vulnerable you might be more tempted to overcall on a slighly weak hand, since it's generally better to play rather than defend when you're not vulnerable. You might evern consider the riskier Dont.

Truscot is the other one, and allows you to bid if you are not strong enough to double.

In all cases, of course, agree the system that you are playing with your lovely partner, since otherwise 2club could promise all kinds of different things (from 6 Clubs down to zero Clubs all the way to frustration).

Other stuff about Dealing with the pre-emptive 1NT opening

They open 1NT:

  1. 0115. Defence after enemy opens 1NT
  2. 0102. Overcalling a suit after enemy opens 1NT
  3. 0172. Bidding two Majors after enemy opens 1NT ("Landy")
  4. 0120. When to penalty double an enemy opening bid of 1NT
  5. 0162. Bidding when enemy opens 1NT ("Dont")

We open 1NT:

  1. 0111. Response after the enemy overcalls your partner's 1NT ("Lebensohl")
  2. 0125. When to Double for penalties after enemy overcalls your partner's 1NT
  3. 0032. What to do when the enemy penalty doubles your 1NT opening bid




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