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Opening bids. Gambling 3NT

Gambling 3NT is a preemptive opening bid. It describes a hand containing a minor suit of at least 7 cards in length and headed by the AKQ at minimum.

The bid has the intention of both interrupting the opponents' bidding if they hold the Majors, and also trying for a cheap game in No Trumps if partner provides adequate support.

Response - weak

Responder will only pass if he holds a stopper in three suits or with two aces, so that 3NT becomes the contract.

Otherwise he'll bid 4club. This bid should be passed by the opener if the minor is clubs, or corrected to diamonds if required.

Response - strong

If responder has a good hand, then he can ask for a splinter and bid 4diamond. Opener bids his shortage (singleton or void) if it's a major, or 4NT with 7222 shape, or his long minor suit with a singleton in the other minor. It's best to get this firmly in your mind, or you could get very mixed up !

With four sure tricks, responder can bid 4NT, asking opener to continue to slam if he has an eight card suit. For those with a degree in mathematics, that's because 8 + 4 = 12. 


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