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Check your bid is a double jump, if you want to preemptively overcall.

A single jump overcall has a different meaning.

E.g. to preempt in diamond after

You'll need an extra trick and extra card to preempt 4, of course.


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Overcalls, Preemptive double jump

You wanted to preempt, but the enemy ruined it ?

You can still do it if you satisfy all the usual conditions for a preemptive opening bid, but be careful to double jump. If you don't double jump, your partner will think you have jump overcalled, which has a different meaning and for some players has a totally different meaning!

For example, let's say you planned to open the bidding with 3diamond. If your RHO opens the bidding with 1club before you get there, no problem, you just double jump overcall, bidding 3diamond as planned. Your partner will respond to the preempt in the usual way.

However if the RHO opened with 1spade, then a bid of 3diamondwould be a single jump, not a double jump. To preempt you'd have to open 4diamond, which of course is at the 4-level and therefore requires both a longer suit and one more winner.

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