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Stayman & Transfers are off.

Use Lebensohl:

Opener will bid 3club after hearing artificial 2NT. Responder can then adjust the suit.


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Bridge Venue

Example Deal
spade J 10 7 5
heart 9 8 5
diamond A 2
club 7 6 3 2
Example Deal
Dealer: East
Vuln: All

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After 1NT, and Enemy has interfered

Show whether you are either strong, or weak but competing

The enemy's interfering bid of 2 of a suit is annoying. It means that Stayman & Transfers are off, so you've lost some flexibility, and you've lost some bidding space.

And if you bid 3club, is this weak or strong ? The 2 of a suit overcall from the enemy means that the 3club bid is no longer a jump. How do you clarify this to your partner ?

And how to choose between 4-card Major and NT ?

Use Lebensohl:

  • bid 3 of a suit if game is on (strong), as usual
  • bid 2NT if want to get to 3 and stop (weak but competing)
  • cue bid 3 of enemy suit to re-instate Stayman, but beware the level.

The 2NT is artificial. Opener must automatically bid 3club after hearing 2NT. Responder can then adjust the suit if Clubs was not his suit.

Since systems are off (Stayman & Transfers), bidding 2 of a suit is a weakness takeout.

Beware meaning of 1NT-2x-2NT reply

Of course, using Lebensohl means that the standard reply of 2NT to a 1NT opening (to show 11-12 HCP, balanced hand, or to show 12HCP balanced hand) cannot be used after interference. You and partner should be clear on this.


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