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When the bidding space has run out in a competitive auction, a Maximal double allows you to keep bidding with clarity, without having to cede the auction to the enemy.

It allows you to distinguish between two otherwise confusable meanings in your communication with partner:

The meaning of a double is different, of course, if partner has not been competing.


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Doubles, Maximal double

Competing: how to distinguish "Invite to Game" from "Sign off"

When the bidding space has run out in a competitive auction, a Maximal Double allows you to keep bidding and distinguish your inner meanings!

South West North East
1club - 2heart - 2spade - 3heart

If South now bids 3spade, would it mean sign off in 3 Spades, or invite to Game? And how can South adjust his bidding to differentiate between these options ?

Bring on the Maximal double

In this situation, a double from South means "I want to carry on bidding", and is thus an invitation to 4spade. A bid of 3spade is thus sign off in 3spade.

Here's another example:

South West North East
1heart - X - pass - 2diamond
X - pass - 2heart

South's cards
spade A 9 5
heart K Q J 8
diamond A 2
club Q 9 7 6

South can show additional strength or values with the Maximal Double, but without showing additional length in Hearts as would be implied by a Heart rebid. North may then support opener's suit with an absolute minimum of 3 cards and 4/5 points.

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