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Opener, rebid a "double" everyone partner passes an overcall if

There is a chance you can get them down.

Partner will correct if appropriate.


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Example Deal

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Re-opening double

I'd have doubled for takeout if they'd opened

Shall we get 'em down ?

If you are using "Negative doubles", and your partner passes the enemy's overcall, then you can think about using a "Re-opening double".

Let's say your opening bid is overcalled by the second player and followed by a pass from partner. He might have wanted to show a strong suit in the enemy suit, but could not double as that has another meaning.

If holding less than two of the opponent's suit, you can reopen the bidding. Do so with a double. Your partner can now pass for penalties.

Deal 1

spade A K 7 4
heart Q 5
diamond 3 2
club A K Q J 4
spade 9 8
heart A 9 3
diamond K Q 10 6 2
club 10 8 3
  1club 1diamond Pass Pass

After East's pass, what should you rebid as West?


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