Bid Technique this week

Hand Evaluation: Reversing, or crossing your barrier

Fundamental - Plan your rebid, before you open your big mouth on the opening bid

The suit first bid will always be the longest.

The 'barrier' is the same suit as the opening bid, but one level higher.

The opener can re-bid above barrier with

  • 16+ points
  • but must not jump-shift without 19

but below barrier if

  • 12-15 points

Barrier thoughts: opener's jump-shift should be kept in mind

Forcing? Yes. If, without a jump-bid, opener re-bids in a new suit & breaks the 'barrier'

  • with a 2-level bid: forcing for one round
  • at the 3-level: forcing to game

Responder's reverse is at 12 points, not 16.


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Quiz: Barrier-Reversing

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Bridge Deal - quiz of the week

spade 9 6 4
heart J 8 6
diamond 8 6
club A Q 10 8 4

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Dealer: North
Vuln: NS
Rating: Useful for learning
Source: Bob N 146






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